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    January 30-February 4 2018
    May 24-29 2018, Chicago
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    Conference Programme
    Saturday May 26 2018
    Marcos Patchett, Affiliated Tutor, QHP
    Identifying Life Purpose with Astrology
    One of life’s Big Questions, which most people ask of themselves at one time or another, is ‘Why am I here?’ Fortunately, astrology provides a road map. This talk will cover several traditional techniques to identify the most appropriate and constructive avenues for personal development in a birth chart.
    The 50th Annual Conference of the Astrological Association
    June 22-24 2018, Reading
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    Conference Programme
    Saturday June 23
    Sharon Knight, Convenor and Tutor, QHP
    25 Years of Polishing an Old Faucet?
    Sharon will look at the influence that the revival of ancient texts and techniques has made to our understanding of astrology since the 1990s. How has the work of ARHAT, Project Hindsight and the translations of Dykes and others impacted the working practice of astrologers today?
    Sunday June 24
    Barbara Dunn, Principal QHP
    Physick cannot well exist without Astrology, but Astrology can without Physick’

    Over two millennia, medicine and astrology were interrelated aetiological pursuits. Galen praised the Egyptians who had united astrology and medicine, while in mediaeval universities astrology occupied an important place in medical curricula. This paper examines the deep continuities in astrological-medical methodology and the remarkable precision in application by practitioners such as Lilly and Culpeper.