• Qualifying Horary Practitioner (QHP)

    Established 1984

  • QHP Diploma Reading

  • Note: other editions and/or translations of these publications may also be available:
    The texts for the Certificate are required plus those below.
    Ashmand, J. M. (ed. and trans.), Claudius Ptolemy: Tetrabiblos Or The Quadripartite Mathematical Treatise: Four Books of the Influence of the Stars (London, 1822).
    Barclay, O. Horary Astrology Rediscovered: A Study in Classical Astrology (West Chester, 1990).
    Dunn, B. Horary Astrology Re-Examined: The Possibility or Impossibility of the Matter Propounded (Bournemouth, 2009).
    Ebertin-Hoffman. Fixed Stars and Their Interpretation (Tempe, 2009).
    Hand, R. (ed. and trans.), Masha’allah: On Reception (Restmont, 1988).
    Hand, R. Night & Day: Planetary Sect in Astrology (Orleans, 1995).
    Goold, G. P. Manilius: Astronomica (London, 1977).
    Lilly, W. Christian Astrology Modestly Treated of in Three Books (London, 1985).
    Robbins, F.E. (ed. and trans.), Ptolemy: Tetrabiblos (London, 1980).
    Astrologia Gallica (Vol. 21), Jean-Baptiste Morin
    The Abbreviation of the Introduction to Astrology, Abu Ma’shar (trans. Charles Burnett)
    The Judgements of Nativities, Abu Ali Al-Khayyat (trans. James Holden)
    Hand, R. (ed.) and Zoller, R. (trans.) Guido Bonatti: Liber Astronomiae Part I (Berkeley Springs, 1994).
    Lilly, W. (ed.) and Coley, H. (trans.), Anima Astrologiae: or, A Guide for Astrologers being the considerations of the Famous Guido Bonatus Faithfully rendred into English. As also The Choicest Aphorisms of Cardans Seaven Segments, Translated, and methodically digested under their proper Heads (London, 1676).
    Maternus, J. F. Ancient Astrology Theory and Practice: Matheseos Libra VIII (published by Astrology Classics 2005 – also available as an e-book).
    Pingree, D. (ed. and trans.), Dorotheus of Sidonius, Carmen Astrologicum (Leipzig, 1976).
    Ramsay-Wright, R. (ed. and trans.),The Book of Instruction in the Elements of the Art of Astrology by Al Biruni, Abu’l-Rayhan Muhammad Ibn Ahmad (1029) (London, 1934).
    Hand, R. Chronology of the Astrology of the Middle East and the West by Period (Reston, 1998).
    Zoller, R. Tools & Techniques of the Medieval Astrologers (Nottingham, 1988).
    Levy, R. and Cantera, F. (eds.), The Beginning Of Wisdom: An Astrological Treatise by Abraham Ibn Ezra (Oxford, 1939).
    Burnett, C. (ed. and trans.), Abu Ma’shar: The Abbreviation of the Introduction to Astrology (Restmont, 1997). Additional annotations C. Burnett, G. Cornelius, G. Tobyn, V. Wells.
    Culpeper, N. Culpeper’s Astrologicall Judgement of Diseases From the Decumbiture of the sick much Enlarged (London, 1655).
    Dariot, C. A Briefe and most easie Introduction to the Astrologicall Judgement of the Starres. G.C. (trans.) and F.W. (ed.) (London, 1598).
    Dykes, B. (ed. and trans.), The Book of the Nine Judges: Traditional Horary Astrology (Minneapolis, 2011).
    Holden, J. (ed. and trans.), Abu ’Ali Al-Khayyat: The Judgments of Nativities (Tempe, 1988).
    Kitson, A. ‘Some Varieties of Electional Astrology’ in A. Kitson (ed.), History and Astrology: Clio and Urania confer (London, 1989), pp. 171-195.
    Little, L. (ed. and trans.), Astrosynthesis: The Rational System of Horoscope Interpretation according to Morin de Villefranche. (New York, 1974).
    Saunders, R. The Astrological Judgment and Practice of Physick. Deduced from the Position of the Heavens at the Decumbiture of the Sick Person (London, 1677). 


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