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    Interrogations (Horary)

    A Collection of George Wharton’s by John Gadbury:
    George Wharton, Gesta Britannorum: or a Succint Chronology of the Actions and Exploits, Battails, Sieges, Conflicts, and other Signal and Remarkable Passages, which have happened in these Dominions (London, 1657), p. 124.
  • Pages 125-126 of Barbara Dunn’s edition of Gesta Britannorum, bequeathed to Barbara by Olivia Barclay: 

    The principal significators of this Figure are:

    1. The ascendant
    2. Mercury, lord of the ascendant in Capricorn, a moveable sign, retrograde and combust in the fifth house.
    3. The sixth house
    4. The lord of the sixth in Aquarius a fixed sign, strong and powerful in his own house [domicile]
    5. The Moon in the cusp of the sixth house in Aquarius.
    6. The Sun in the fifth house, afflicted at the beginning of the disease by a square with Mars in Aries (a fiery sign) and lord of the eighth house.

    ‘Whence it appears that the Disease proceeded from Choller ingendred of a Churlish Melancholy Humor’. Furthermore, Jupiter is in a moveable sign in the fifth house (ruling the stomach, liver and the sides etc), combust and wounded by the square with Mars brought the ‘Pleurise’ upon him. Because Mercury (afflicted by the malevolent planets) is herby rendered malevolent, this gave him the dry cough. Moreover, the Moon in Aquarius applying to Saturn argues that the cause of the disease proceeded from the weariness of a journey, according to the doctrine of Hermes and Hippocrates.Now for determining the length or shortness of the disease:Given that Mars (in a fiery sign) afflicts both the luminaries, namely the Sun by a square and the Moon by a long sextile, which is equivalent to a square, the principal authors of this disease are Saturn and Mars, which together ‘excited a very long burning fever’. Then Mercury, the dry cough, and finally Jupiter the ‘Plurisie’, which (together with the cough) ended sooner than the fever, because Mercury and Jupiter were both placed in moveable signs.

    © Transcription B. Dunn October 2017