• Qualifying Horary Practitioner (QHP)

    Established 1984

  • Objectives

  • The aim of the QHP is quality rather than quantity in terms of teaching and learning experience, both at Certificate and Diploma level. The objectives of the QHP do not include the rolling out of large volumes of students who have attended short speed-learning courses and who are subsequently awarded qualifications. The QHP aims to spend time with individual students and to provide detailed, specialised teaching, through which the student will acquire more in-depth knowledge and be better equipped with the necessary skills for astrological practice. In order to enhance QHP interaction with students, we are currently developing new ideas for engagement.

    A Letter from Olivia to her Students (1998)
    Hundreds of people have tried the course, but it is difficult and those who expected it to be easy have dropped out. Of those who successfully completed it, some have produced periodicals, some have devised their own horary courses, some have more or less adapted mine, both in the UK and America. But this is the original course and I have more experience than the others. Running the course is my motivation and it is my repayment to Mr Lilly for the information he has given us. My concern is to pass on that information and I do so by being quite a hard taskmaster to my students, insisting on corrections being done until they thoroughly understand each point. This makes some students angry. It also makes much more work for the tutors. But which way is preferable? An annoying tutor who teaches you exactly, or a charming one who can’t quite be bothered? You should think of that before you sign on.


    QHP Core Aims:

    • To attract talented, active and engaged students
    • To provide first class teaching
    • To stimulate research-inspired, challenging and innovative learning
    • To provide opportunities for each student to study, research and work with the very best educator
    • To provide opportunities for each student to benefit from the QHP’s specialist team
    • To enhance the quality of support through online group sessions and webinars.
    • To increase levels of student engagement with their research and study