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    The Seventeenth-Century 

    Genethliacal (Nativities) 

    William Lilly, Christian Astrology Modestly Treated of in Three Books (London, 1647), p. 742.
    Barbara Dunn’s edition bequeathed by Olivia Barclay
  • Pages 753-754 of Barbara Dunn’s edition of Christian Astrology (1647):

    ‘Judgment upon the sixt house.
    Sicknesse, Servants’.

    ‘The cusp of the sixth house is not afflicted, except by the opposition of Jupiter, which is not a big problem. Yet, because Moon is with Oculus, in sextile with Mars and Mercury, the lord of the sixth combust and Saturn, lord of the ascendant retrograde and in a fixed sign, the diseases which will most frequently afflict the Native will originate from corruption of blood, producing violent fevers. For other diseases signified (especially by Mercury), see page 247. In order to ascertain the body part or member afflicted, consider the sign of the sixth house and where the lord of that sign is located and thereafter make your judgement (see page 119). Given that the affliction to the ascendant by the square of the Sun is not greater than the assistance received by Venus (in a moveable sign and the sign of the sixth house common), the types of disease that the native is susceptible to will change quite frequently: the native shall go from one disease to another. But if Saturn had not been lord of the ascendant, ‘quartan Agues’ would have been frequent and troublesome to the native, such as ‘Squinancies or sore Throats’. However, because the Moon is in trine with both the Sun, Venus and Mercury, the diseases that Mercury signifies will not trouble the native that much, but can be fairly easily avoided or cured. Fevers and other diseases signified by Mars, or originating from women, may prove dangerous, because Mars is in a fixed sign. But the majority of this native’s life will be healthy, the unfortunate directions either heeded carefully or prevented by medicine…’ 

    © Transcription B. Dunn October 2017