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  • Petros Eleftheriadis QHP Head Tutor

    May 20, 2017 | Blog
  • Petros Eleftheriadis QHP Head Tutor

    My first book is finally out! “Horary Astrology, the practical way to learn your fate” is the title. This is not a book of theory (although elements of theory are explained and presented) but it is primarily a book of practice charts. The difference between this book and others of its kind is that it consists of only radical charts that follow the major considerations before judgement, which is a rarity nowadays. It is my belief that these considerations are not to be looked down upon. In this book, I also stress the importance of chart validity. It saddens me to see that most of the questions asked nowadays are questions I consider invalid, questions, that is, which attempt to change the querent’s fate, The role of astrology, in my opinion, is not to know our fate so as to change it (which cannot be done anyway), but to embrace it.
    You can buy the book directly from the Wessex Astrologer site or from the usual places, online or otherwise, you usually buy your astrology books from. I hope you enjoy it!