• Qualifying Horary Practitioner (QHP)

    Established 1984

  • I was formerly an undergraduate and postgraduate at the London School of Economics, awarded a scholarship from the Social Science Research Council. I subsequently undertook independent research into classical, Arabic and mediaeval astrological knowledge/practice, whilst pursuing a career as a freelance astrological consultant/columnist for UK/European publications, such as the Sunday Mirror, Woman’s Own and Cosmopolitan. I received the Diploma from the Faculty of Astrological Studies in 1988 and the Qualifying Horary Practitioner in 1990. I was later appointed QHP Head Tutor, teaching and mentoring students world-wide. Olivia Barclay bequeathed the QHP to me in 2001.  An acknowledged expert in the judgement of interrogations (horary), I was awarded a grant from the Urania Trust for writing Horary Astrology Re-Examined: The Possibility or Impossibility of the Matter Propounded, published in 2009.  A further grant was awarded in 2014 for studying an MA in History at Exeter University, where I graduated with distinction in 2016. I am currently a first year PhD student in receipt of a doctoral studentship from the Wellcome Trust, supervised by Professor Jonathan Barry and Dr Peter Elmer. My thesis is entitled: ‘Astrology is higher and nobler than medicine and every physician must be an astrologer’:  Practitioners, Practices and the ‘Prognostical part of Physick’ c. 1580-1700.

  • Petros Eleftheriades,

    Head Tutor QHP

    I was born in Greece, in Thessaloniki, where I still live and work. I have a background in Law and French, as well as psychological and traditional astrology. Psychological astrology seemed very glamorous in the beginning, particularly with regard to the outer planets, the ego, the collective and archetypes. However, I soon realized that this was not psychological astrology but astrological psychology, with the emphasis, that is, on psychology. Fortunately, I discovered a horary astrology book, which showed that the connection between the stars and life on earth is not only abstract, but entirely concrete. But I realized once more that I was not studying the real traditional astrology, but variations of the traditional theory with personal theories invented by variousauthors. Thankfully, the QHP came to the rescue! After I received the Diploma, I started my professional practice here in Greece. Sometime later, Barbara Dunn appointed me QHP Head Tutor, with extra responsibility for all Greek-speaking students in Greece and in Cyprus. I have worked for two Greek astrological magazines: Jupiter and Astra & Orama and I occasionally post articles on the QHP Hellas facebook page or my blog: https://astrologyandlife.blogspot.gr/

    I currently provide tuition for the new QHP module on Horary & Nativities, including Progressions and Directions. 

    Published work: My first book entitled Horary Astrology, the Practical Way to learn your Fate (Wessex Astrologer, 2017) contains judgements for more than 50 valid horary charts destined for students and professionals of the art.

  • Sharon Knight,

    Convenor and Tutor QHP, MA, QHP, SACDip, FAPAI

    A QHP Diploma graduate, Sharon Knight has worked as a professional astrologer for nearly thirty years. Initially she studied with the Faculty, passing the Intermediate Diploma before qualifying as a QHP with Olivia Barclay. She then studied mediaeval techniques (1997-1998) under the personal tuition of Robert Zoller. She gained her MA in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology in 2004 and qualified as a Phytotherapist (SAC Dip) in 2005. She’s a Fellow of the Association of Professional Astrologers International (FAPAI) and has been Chair of the same since 2008. In the past, Sharon taught Astrology at Adult Education classes and has spoken at the AA Conferences, at The Astrological Lodge of London, different venues around the UK and abroad. She has written columns for various women's magazines, newspapers and astrological journals, and has a regular slot on local radio talking about astrology. In January 2016 Sharon was awarded the title “Astrologer of the Year, 2016” at the 26th International Astrological Conference, organised by the Krishnamurti Institute of Astrology, India. Sharon was one of the very few astrologers worldwide who correctly predicted Trump would be the 45th President of the USA. Sharon is currently preparing new material for the QHP Diploma in relation to Nativities, Humors and Temperament. 

    Sharon is a regular contributor to the APAI newsletter, the AA Journal and IAM Infinity Online Astrological Magazine.
    APAI newsletter March 2016: Brexit - in or out?
    APAI newsletter Spring 2015: The Election - Cameron to remain as PM.
    AA Journal April 2014: What Humour are you in?
    APAI Autumn 2011: IBM A Centenary that has affected us all.
    APAI newsletter Summer 2011: 3 Eclipses
  • Marcos Patchett,

    Affiliated Tutor QHP, BA, BSc, MAMH, LSA

    Marcos is a medical herbalist and medical and horary astrologer. He is particularly interested in the practical application of astrology, which he uses primarily as an adjunct in the treatment of private herbal medicine clients. He received several academic awards while studying herbal medicine, and gained the London School of Astrology’s Certificate in 2006. Since that time, Marcos has developed his knowledge of traditional astrology through reading, home study, and experience in practice. He worked as a medical herbalist in King’s Cross for several years (2005-2007 and 2012-2013) specialising in complementary care for people living with HIV, and also practiced from Neal’s Yard remedies’ Therapy Rooms in Covent Garden for 9 years (2007-2016). He was a clinical supervisor and lecturer for Middlesex University’s Western Herbal Medicine BSc & MSc courses (2013-2017). Marcos is currently completing his first book. He has been assembling this work on the ancient history, usage, pharmacology, and cultural meaning of cacao/chocolate since 2007, due for publication in 2020.

  • Tania Daniels,

    QHP Tutor, Dipl Kauffrau (FH), STA

    Tania was born in 1972 holds a degree in business administration from the FHTW Berlin. Tania became interested in astrology in 1998 after reading an astrological analysis of Leonardo da Vinci’s Last Supper and finished training in psychological astrology in 2002 at the Berlin school of the German Astrology Association (DAV). After moving to Italy in 2002, Tania studied authors such as Jones, Rudhyar, Green, Hand, as well as cabbalistic and archetypal astrology and the old science of Ayurveda, for which she holds a diploma in Ayurvedic massage. In 2002 Tania was introduced to the teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda and has been a Kriyaban since 2007. After receiving the STA Horary Diploma, Tania became involved in Hellenistic Astrology, gaining a Certificate in 2017 from Chris Brennan, and subsequently enrolled on Robert Zoller’s Medieval Astrology Course (UK). Tania is a member of the Astrological Association of Great Britain and a member of ISAR. Tania offers consultations in English, Italian, German and Spanish and her published work appears in English, German, Italian and Turkish. Tania runs her own blog, a horary column for the online Infinity Astrological Journal. From January 2018 Tania will be responsible for teaching German speaking QHP Certificate students worldwide. 

    Galen’s humoral therapy and its influence on classical astrology (Meridian Fachzeitschrift fuer Astrologie, 2012). In English at http://www.taniadaniels.com/galens-theory-of-the-four-humors-and-its-influence-to-classical-astrology/
    Horary astrology: a case of Diabetes Mellitus (Meridian Fachzeitschrift für Astrologie, 2014 and Linguaggio Astrale, 2014)
    Ptolemy’s table of essential dignities: the bounds (Meridian Fachzeitschrift für Astrologie, 2016 and AA Journal, 2017)
    Decumbitures and the use of Moon crisis charts according to Culpeper (Meridian Fachzeitschrift für Astrologie, 2013, Linguaggio Astrale, 2013 and AA Journal, 2017 and 2018).
    The Life and work of Jane Roberts: Seth’s first time (Infinity Astrological Magazine, 2017).